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Construction & Building Sites 3G/4G Solar Security Cameras for Construction & Building Sites has developed an advanced building site security system that costs dramatically less than the full-time guards or patrols it’s designed to replace. It offers instant security alerts, triggered by motion on site, as well as 24/7 remote access to live high-definition footage. also offers continuous recording through the day for managing OH&S and staff activity.

The system is the ideal security and remote management solution for:

  • Foreman
  • Project Managers
  • Site Managers
  • Property Owners

With its independent solar power source and live cloud monitoring, our highly intelligent system will provide you with high-level security coverage – every day (and night) of the year. It will also save you considerable time and money as a management tool.

Rather than needing to travel to the site, you can see what’s happening from wherever you are- right from your smartphone or computer.

The Power of Multiple Security Cameras

Multiple cameras can be installed on site which allows you to cover large or unusual site shapes. Cameras from different sites can also be fed into a single secure login, so you can, effectively, be in many places at one time!

The advanced solar technology system works to:

  • Record and broadcast high-definition images 24/7.
  • Provide time-lapse video of any selected time-frame.
  • Send out email and SMS alerts within seconds of an activation.
  • Issue pre-recorded spoken warnings when alarms are triggered.
  • Turn on powerful LED lights to illuminate the area.
  • Report activations instantly to a professional monitoring station.

The powerful solar cells ensure you never need to worry about your cameras going offline. Cameras remain consistently live and feeding through imagery with backup battery installed to keep the device online during very low levels of sunlight. cameras remain consistently live and feeding through imagery with backup battery installed to keep the device online during very low levels of sunlight.

Construction Time Lapse Cameras remote cameras are equipped with a unique time-lapse feature as well as channeling high-definition images and footage to your mobile app or desktop.

Providing, even more, value beyond site security, this superior functionality allows you to:

  • View a full scan of a day, week, month, and even the entirety of a construction build.
  • Enjoy the freedom of altering how you view back your time-lapse video.
  • Remotely change the image quality, frame rate (speed), and capture schedule.

Building Site Security Systems

The advanced system functionality is uniquely beneficial to building sites as it:

  • Allows for integration of multiple cameras, with management through the one account.
  • Provides optimal surveillance for sites with large or abnormal spaces.
  • Detects and differentiates moving objects thereby minimising false alarms.
  • Interfaces with professional monitoring stations who can intercept alarms as they happen and take the appropriate action.

If an intruder is detected on your building site, the remote monitoring camera device will broadcast a pre-recorded spoken alert, warning the offender that security patrols and police are making their way to the site. Intruders rarely stay onsite. In the vast majority of cases, intruders exit the site immediately, preventing the crime that they were there to commit.


Remote And Non-Powered Sites

Remote Security Surveillance Camera

Remote, Reliable, and Revolutionary. The surveillance camera is the most cost effective way to secure and monitor your remote or non-powered site. Using the 3G/4G network in combination with independent solar power and’s cloud infrastructure, this technology secures your site 24/7. A foolproof system that is ideal in all conditions, remote and non-powered sites become easy to continually monitor and secure without expensive security guard options.

Through 24/7 desktop and mobile access, you have the power to turn the camera on and off, schedule, and arm and disarm and view activations within seconds. cameras feature high-definition imagery, powered by highly reliable solar cells providing you with live view access of your non-powered site at any time.

There is No Other System Like the

The remote camera system is powered entirely by solar cells and is like no other system available.

No other system on the market boasts this impressive list of features.

Remote security becomes simple and effective, giving you the power and peace of mind that no other system on the market can offer – and all for the fraction of the price!

A Remote Monitoring Cloud Recording Camera for Non-powered Sites

Non-powered sites, which may include caravan and camping grounds, remote farms, and other environmental production areas, are at high-risk due to low visibility.

These sites are not in close proximity to any:

  • Roads
  • Foot Traffic
  • Physical Premises

As a result, the security and conditions of these areas are at high-risk and require a remote monitoring solution. cameras feature high-definition imagery, powered by highly reliable solar cells. Through 3G or 4G connectivity, the system is fully-functional remotely, providing you with live view access of your non-powered site at any time.


Agriculture And Farm Sites

Agriculture and Farm Security Camera

Surveillance is extremely important for an agricultural business to protect and monitor your investments in:

  • Stock
  • Crops
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Biosecurity

Entirely powered by solar, the remote monitoring camera system allows you critical 24/7 access to live footage in any location. The challenges inherent in maintenance and security of remote and vast farming enterprises inspired’s development of their sophisticated solar camera technology. Over the past 5 years, we have worked to continuously improve the system’s capabilities – from the design of the interface to the computer hardware. Extremely reliable, the camera features advanced technology that will provide your farm and production areas with the next generation security at all times.

The desktop and mobile app ensure you’ll have remote access to essential functions including:

  • Scheduling
  • On and Off
  • Arm and Disarm

Essential Surveillance for Farmers and Agriculture Producers

Before, monitoring remote sites has been a difficult and very costly exercise.

Keeping an eye on crops, livestock and property becomes simple and highly cost effective using’s 4g, solar-powered cameras. Save time, save money and see your profits grow!