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The Ultimate Wireless Solar Security Camera Solution

The is a solar powered security camera solution. An security system is like having a security guard on site 24/7 but at a tiny fraction of the cost! For sale, or hire.

Protect you site with the today.

Cloud Systems

Cloud Systems systems are completely controlled through their innovative cloud infrastructure. Everything from managing alarm and camera parameters to the ability to monitor system performance.

Live View & Time Lapse

Live View & Time Lapse

View your site’s activity 24/7 with remote access to your camera via a web browser. The wireless security camera also records a customisable time-lapse of your site.

Solar Powered

Solar Powered

Powered by solar cells and a large backup battery the wireless security camera system runs constantly, through the night and in bad weather. It’s as good as having the system plugged into the mains.

Mobile Alarms

Mobile Alarms

When triggered on certain types of motion spoken warnings are issued. You will receive instant alerts from the security camera system to your phone or computer the instant they happen.

Applications and Use Cases

Construction & Building Site Security has developed an advanced building site security system that costs dramatically less than the full-time guards or patrols it’s designed to replace. The system is the ideal security and remote management solution. remote cameras are equipped with a unique time-lapse feature. Providing even more value beyond site security.

Remote Security Surveillance Camera

Remote, Reliable, and Revolutionary. The surveillance camera is the most cost effective way to secure and monitor your remote or non-powered site. A foolproof system that is ideal in all conditions, remote and non-powered sites become easy to continually monitor and secure without expensive security guard options.

Agriculture and Farm Security Camera

Surveillance is extremely important for an agricultural business to protect and monitor your investments.The challenges inherent in maintenance and security of remote and vast farming enterprises inspired development of the sophisticated solar camera technology Extremely reliable, the camera features advanced technology that will provide your farm and production areas with the next generation security at all times.

Key Features

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Cloud Recording

Cloud Recording

Our low bandwidth solution helps keep costs to a minimum. With motion activated systems, the solar powered camera only responds when it detects movement in the area. Alarms data is automatically stored to the Cloud for ultimate security.

Live Feed

Live Feed

With the 4G surveillance camera being live at all times, you can instantly access the remote live feed whenever you like. As soon as you log in to your cameras, you will receive sharp, high definition images at several frames a second. You can have as many cameras as you like linked to your one secure login.

100% Wireless Design

100% Wireless Design

The solar powered security camera from works to remotely monitor your site – 24/7. Featuring a completely wireless design, the remote cloud recording solar camera proves to be the perfect solution for property owners, farmers, and site managers looking for high-level surveillance device.

Object Detection

Object Detection cameras detect object motion using patented algorithms. The wireless cloud recording camera features a powerful computer, which is designed to distinguish between real objects, shadows, and clouds. Thereby reducing false alarms.

Purchase and Hire

What you will receive with your system

  • Solar Power pack for stand-alone use
  • Back to base alarms, cloud recording, and live view all running at the same time
  • Time Lapse
  • Spoken Warnings
  • Powerful 50w LED Lights
  • Smartphone/Computer Access
  • E-mail alert Options
  • Monitoring station integration
  • Everything in full HD. 4K resolution optional.
  • Link multiple cameras on separate sites to a single login
  • Cloud infrastructure for complete remote control of all systems features and settings. Change settings anytime remotely.
  • Automatic alarm schedules
  • 4-day battery standby
  • Up to 200m range (depending on lens option).
  • Inbuilt, self-managing systems for total reliability 24/7
  • Easy to use secure web login to give you full access and control to your cameras. product image

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The is provided by iTkey. We are a technology integrator located in Sydney. Since 2004 we have been providing advanced networked solutions for customers ranging from small business to government organisations.

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Our team of staff have experience ranging from system design, to documentation, cabling, installation, programming and long-term support. iTkey can also provide custom control software and web-based user-interfaces for desktop and mobile platforms.

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